Monday, November 30, 2009

Manic-in Monday

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend! This week we are featuring our newest Mixed Fiber Lengthwise Shawl. It is so gorgeous!!! For the past four years, we've come up with a mixed fiber shawl or scarf that uses a number of different yarns. Each year it's different, because we try to incorporate some of the great new fibers that are available.

This year we're using a really gorgeous combination of yarns. I have to say, I had to much fun on Saturday picking out color combinations for this shawl! I've photographed them and listed them all clearly on the kit page for this shawl, so it's easy for you to figure out what works best.

But hey, you don't have to use these yarns. It's really all about taking different yarns and blending them together, and this project is a great stash buster. Best of all, it's easy and the pattern is free!

Any shawl pin will work, but we love this "S" curve pin from Lantern Moon. And the cute project bag is from Hiya Hiya.

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JRT said...


Thought you should know that we think that your blog is super. We’ve put your blog on our list of “Let’s Go Visit Some Friends” and I’m sure that some of our guests will be dropping in.

Thanks for the great job!