Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knitting for babies

I'm doing a lot of baby knitting these days. Don't get any ideas! There will be no additions to my family... I just like knitting for teeny-tinies.

Next week I'll have our "Baby Baby" sweater pattern written up and ready for those of you who've been patiently waiting. This sweater is a simple little newborn cardigan knit with 2 skeins of Blue Sky Worsted. I made up the pattern about 3-4 years ago, never really wrote down exactly what I did, and then just recently found the sweater in my office and figured I'd write up the pattern. Lots of measuring and counting stitches/rows later, I came up with a pattern, and now I've finished test knitting it and so folks, we're almost there!

It's drying today but it's a bit humid here (I'm visiting my parents in Sanibel) so I am hoping it dries before I have to fly home tomorrow.
A couple of days ago I started the vintage inspired Lucille Baby Set. It's a pattern from Kelbourne Woolens, our distributor for The Fiber Company Yarns that we just got in last week. I'm using Canopy Fingering and size 1 needles (it's a bit sloooooow going!) The yarn is just spectacular. It's so incredibly soft and luxurious. I just finished the yoke (it's a top down) and am now starting the lace pattern.

Speaking of The Fibre Company... last week I whipped up the Give a Hoot mittens. I LOVE them! I used Canopy Worsted and it was my first time with the oh-so-popular owl design cable. I can see how people become obsessed/addicted to these little owlies!

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Florida? Knitting? Sounds like a fantastic vacation to me - enjoy!