Friday, November 13, 2009

Making your lists and checking them to share with your fiber friends

I've started making my holiday lists and thought I'd share some ideas with you. We have so many small things in the shop that make great little gifts, and at this time of year, customers are always picking up little "extras" for theit holiday giving. Whether the people on your list are knitters, crocheters, spinners, quilters, or avid needlework fans, these gifts work well across the board.

* No Crack Hand Cream & Knitters Hand Balm: our best selling hand creams. Perfect for the abuse your hands take in harsh, drying weather!

* Nail Files: Fun designs to keep your hands snag-free.

* Wool Wash: whether you like Eucalan, Kookaburra or Soak, we've got different scents and sizes.

* Tea/Tagalongs: Harney Tea is our favorite, and at this time of year, we go through a lot of it. We've got loose tea, sachets, and the fun new tagalong cases.

* Enamel Pins: These are new, and come in a variety of fun designs for all kinds of crafters.

* Shawl Pins: From simple stick pins, to gorgeous glass.

We'll post more gift ideas in the next few weeks. Hope this helps!

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