Sunday, November 01, 2009

Anything for a little cash!

Cashmere that is! It's certainly not what I knit with every day, but when I do... mmmm. Yummy yummy. On Saturday morning I finished the Driftwood Hat. It took one skein of Jade Sapphie 4-ply cashmere. We have three really cute hat patterns for this yarn, but you'd NEVER know it! Unfortunately, the photographs on the patterns are pretty bad. Barb and I saw these beautiful hats back in June at TNNA at the Jade Sapphire booth and ordered them with the 4-ply Cashmere.

When the yarn and patterns came in a couple of months ago, we were thrilled. But we took one look at the patterns and said... HUH? What are these? These can't be the beautiful hats we ordered. Did they mis-ship us some aesthetically challenged ones by mistake?

But no. They are the great hat patterns we ordered. The pictures are just really bad. It's so sad when that happens!

So luckily, the wonderful folks at Jade Sapphire are sending me the hats so I can re-shoot them. I will replace the not-so-lovely images for these patterns on our site, so folks can see what they really look like.

Our mannequin has had a busy weekend. She's been at home with me so I could shoot some things for the website while I was home sick with the kids. She's been working hard - the other morning Sophie grabbed my camera and tripod, and set the mannequin head up on the kitchen table. She was holding her own photo shoot - and even made the mannequin some hair and clothing from our napkins and placemats. I'm not one to ask folks to work nights, especially "holiday" nights, but I did put the mannequin into service for Halloween last night. I mean hey, times are tough and you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills. She helped me out in my scary "fortune teller" window display. She did a good job.Anything for a little cash, right?

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Dana said...

That's a really pretty hat pattern. I like how it's got a pattern between the cables.