Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Making your lists and checking them twice: gifts to include with your handknit gifts

You're generous! You love to make hand knit or crocheted items and give them to your friends and family each holiday. But sometimes it's not enough to just give your handknit gift. Isn't it a bummer when someone doesn't quite understand how to treat their new handknit and accidentally shrinks it or felts it!?

We carry several products that help people care for their precious handknits. I recommend gifting such things along with your handknits because it can emphasize the care and feeding that each piece may require. (Of course a little note with specific care instructions is also a MUST!)

Consider a sampler or travel size of Eucalan, Soak, or Kookaburra Wash to give with your next handknit sweater, hat, or pair of wrist warmers. This is a great way to emphasize that hand made items can use some extra care... especially those that aren't intended to be thrown into the washing machine!

Sweater stones are also really handy, for keeping all handknits looking fresh and pill-free. I love mine and get it out everytime I put on one of my sweaters to brush the fibers back into tip top shape. (Everyone loves admiring handknit sweaters, so make sure yours is properly groomed before you're the center of attention!)

And because handknit items conjure up feelings of warmth, they are perfect companion to warm drinks like tea! Our Harney Teas are quite tasty and are now available in new Sachet Tagalongs Tins.

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