Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Does ribbing bore you?

Recently my kids started a Saturday ski program at Sugarbush. It runs from 10am-3:30pm, and it's nice because they're off with an instructor, skiing all over the mountain, doing things they'd NEVER do if they were just with me & Marc. (My kids are more willing to try new things if Mom & Dad aren't around...)

So Marc and I get to snowboard with each other on Saturdays, which we really haven't done since before we had kids. So even though we would much rather be spending the day together as a family, it's GOOD for them, and it's GOOD for us.

This past Saturday was my first day out this year, and my legs aren't quite in the shape they need to be to ride all day. So I took some really nice runs, and then went inside the lodge. I had at least several hours free (Marc went back out for a bit) and since I knew this would be the case, I had come prepared with a completely mindless knitting project. Even though some people find ribbing boring, I LOVE IT! I started the Classic World War II Watch Cap (free pattern on Ravelry!)and made quite a bit of progress. The hat is a mindless 2x2 rib for the first 6 inches, and then the pattern gives you some nice variations for the top. The crown shaping creates a beautiful pattern, so I'm excited to see it when it's finished.

This pattern is great because in addition to having 3 sizes and several different stitch pattern options, it is also written for circular needles and straights.

And the yarn I'm using, what a treat! Madelinetosh worsted in Cove... yummy, to say the very least!

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choo choo knits said...

That yarn DOES look delicious! And congrats on finding "date" time - what an awesome thing to look forward to once my kids can take care of themselves! Happy Holidays to all!