Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Free patterns and facial hair

How do the two have anything to do with each other, you ask? Well, we recently made the Colonnade Shawl from the Fall '09 issue of knitty. It's a gorgeous pattern, and FREE since it comes from Knitty (go download it!) It uses Manos Wool Clasica, which is one of our favorite yarns!

We chose Thrush (semi solid) and Moss (multi), but this would also be beautiful in one solid color of Manos. It's just perfect for warming up when it's cool inside.
There's an optional button loop that's really just an I-cord sewn on to the side edge of the shawl. We decided to make the loop, but once it was attached to the shawl, we didn't quite like it. Michele performed delicate surgery to remove the I-cord, and we all agreed that we liked it better without it.
Now the mustache part... Last week I was looking at the film card from the shop camera which usually contains photos of customer projects. Occasionally I find some interesting things on the film card... and this time found Michele sporting a new mustache.
My staff can find humor in so many things, and it looks like they had some laughs over this photo shoot. Sometimes the best laughs are the unexpected ones. Thanks!

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Kali Erskine said...

Just LOVE the photo. You're gorgeous, as ever, Michelle. And clever (there's always something to do with those bits of yarn)!! And to all at Kyarns: Have a wonderful Christmas.