Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Manic-in Monday

Yesterday was a TOUCH busy (okay, super busy) in the shop, so this post had to wait. We are seeing so many folks from out of town this week. That's right, what better place to visit for the holidays... than Vermont!? Especially now that we have plenty of snow to give us that white, wintery feeling.

This week's outfit is proof that less is more. Our mannequin is all set for a nice intimate New Year's Eve gathering with a few of her closest friends. Her gorgeous shawl can be dressed UP or DOWN, depending on the mood and/or occasion. And her little knitting bag is an eye-catcher in sweet, shiny SILVER.
Shawl: Tahki Ritratto yarn, 2 balls
Knitting Bag: GoKnit Pouch

Pattern: EASY! With size 17 needles, cast on 50 stitches loosely. Work in Stockinette stitch until you have used the 2 balls of yarn. Bind off loosely.

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