Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Trends?

When you have a couple of days when every other person who comes into the shop ends up knitting the SAME things, is it a trend? Or is it just a spooky coincidence? This has certainly happened to us recently.

Last Friday and Saturday we almost completely sold out of our Piece of Vermont yarn. We made a Hydrangea shawl with one skein, and the yarn - which had already been selling well - just flew out the door.
I didn't put it online, as I really bought it for that "something special" dyed in Vermont yarn that we could offer our summer customers. And it seems they loved it! I will be ordering more, but Jessie - who dyes this yarn - is on vacation for the 4th. The yarn is really gorgeous. It's a bamboo blend, and it's technically a sock yarn. But I think all of our customers bought it with some sort of lace shawl or scarf in mind. So now we have three skeins left. Want some? Call us.

And thanks to the sample, we've oversold the Hydrangea shawl pattern. It's due in any day though.Another popular item from the past week? Dreambaby blankets... and even an afghan. Lots of people are making cute little baby blankets out of Dreambaby DK. It doesn't hurt that we have several GREAT new colors of this yarn! One girl had already knit her child a blanket, and she loved it so much that she came back for a couple bags to make herself an afghan.

Of course - the Be Sweet has been a big trend this past week, too. People really love the novelty look of some of these yarns. Stay tuned - we have a couple more novelties due to arrive for fall.

And YAY! Our Namaste bags arrived on Friday. They are SWEET! I succumbed and bought one of the large bags. I probably don't need the extra space, because I was doing just fine with a smaller bag. With this one, I just keep filling it up of course. But the bag itself is lightweight, and so cool. They'll be online any day. We have the Cali clutch:

the Newport Bag:and the Laguna Bag:
Here's a little shot of Helen's big dance performance from Jazzercise camp last week. It was so cute, and hoorah for mom, for learning how to figure out this video thing. It's really not hard, but I do NOT have the time for new things right now. She's in pony tails in the front, and she's got quite a nice hip action, doesn't she?

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