Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Day to Remember

So last weekend my brother-in-law Nick got married to the lovely Joy. It was probably one of the most spectacular days EVER! It was the best wedding I have been to yet (okay, maybe a tie with my own). Nick and Joy got married outside in a beautiful field in Richmond, VT, where we were blessed to have sunshine and blue skies, even though the weatherman had called for rain.
One of my gifts to the bride, my best friend, and now sister-in-law, was a knitted silk shrug to go with her wedding dress. I used both Tilli Tomas Pure and Simple and Rock Star, which was so great to work with. The color, drape, sheen, and feel were just perfect. The pattern came from the Vogue Spring Summer issue (and there is an errata-please make sure you check, before you knit!) I made a few changes and it seemed to work out just right.
Of course it helps to have a perfect model such as Joy. I really have to give her the credit, because she made the piece look absolutely stunning. I tried to take a few pictures so that you can see some of the detail.
So all of you locals who were rooting for me to finish-Yes, I did finish in time!


Kristine said...

Awesome! It looks gorgeous.

Oh, and by the way --


That is all. :)

Lindsay said...

Kalen, it's beautiful!! Congrats on finishing it on time! (from the one who rarely finishes a project on time, esp. wedding knitting!)

zach said...

You are quite talented my dear. Not sure how you made all that string into that pretty thing!

choo choo knits said...

Kalen - it's gorgeous!!! And I must know - where did she get her dress - it's beautiful! Ken and I eloped in Shelburne 4 years ago and are starting to plan an anniversary party for friends and family and so I'm sort of thinking of wearing the dress I never got to :o)

Alex said...


We'll turn you into a lace knitter yet! Okay maybe not.

It looks beautiful!


Holly said...

I love what you did with that peice. I am looking to get married in the summer of 2009 somewheres in Richmond and starting to look for ceremony sites. I like the idea of a nice feild. Do you have any ideas to where would be some good places> Thanks so much Holly