Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't get my "manos" off the Manos...

This is a shot that many yarn shop owners (who stock this brand) are familiar with.
It means that a new Manos shipment has arrived, and that's certainly what happened here this morning...

The three new variegated colors of Manos Wool Classica have finally arrived! Did you know it was called Wool Classica? I didn't really know that. They did change the labels recently (not so recently!) but I've always called it just plain old Manos. So imagine my surprise when I started hearing "Manos Wool Classica" being thrown around in knitting discussions! I guess I need to be more observant of these name changes or re-inventions or whatever.

But, whatever the name, I love the yarn. In addition to the AWESOME new multis, I added some solids to our offering - and so I must say, we have an outstanding selection of colors. Poor Kalen is downstairs with Manos scattered all over the place - we are rearranging the shelves and mixing the multis in with the solids. Now they really POP out at you! The price is still different for the solids and the multis though, so don't be fooled! Anything with a number in the hundreds is a multi...

My favorite has always been #113, Wildflowers. But #122 Mermaid is my NEW favorite. It is fantastic!I'm so excited to get this started in a project.
And, we also got new colors of the Silk Blend - ooooh , pretty!
Look what Barb is making with color #19 (Dove) in the Silk Blend! Both the right side:
and the wrong side:
are gorgeous! This is the pattern.

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Kristine said...

I am totally, 100% in love. Yay!!