Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knitting with family

It's been very busy for me over the past two months. My oldest son Andrew graduated from high school last month, and we had a lot of visitors in town for the festivities - my family, Brett's family, friends... It's been a lot of fun!
As you can see by the picture we may just have to make this a yearly event. They all KNIT!! We had such a good time planning knitting projects and checking out what everyone is knitting. We made several trips to the yarn shop. My mother-in-law Merry Lou threatened to stop looking at Jill's blog. Each time she looked, Jill had posted another project, and Merry Lou just couldn't help herself - she had to go back to the shop and check it out in person.

No matter what the weather, we were knitting. Inside or outside - it didn't matter. My sister-in-law Rae even knit while she was in the pool! (It was very hot that day!) Our family friend Sheri would knit a few rows of her new yarn purchase just to view the colors, and then she'd rip it out and do it again.

The men were good sports about all of this, but of course they'll never understand our obsession!

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