Tuesday, July 15, 2008

River Twist and a completed baby sweater

So Sunday was a total washout here. It was cloudy, super windy, and boy did we have a lot of rain. Too bad my rain barrel wasn't yet installed - I just picked it up today. Isn't it cool? I'm off tomorrow and will work to install it. While it may not have been good weather for outside activities, it was perfect for knitting! I completed the little sweater and booties out of Love It Colors. It is so adorable! Kalen couldn't believe how much better it looked it real life than it did in the pattern. She's already bought some Comfort DK in a fun variegated color and started one. One comment about pattern photos... we all know that EVERYTHING looks better in person than it does in a picture. But sometimes the pictures that pattern designers choose to put on patterns are just dog-ugly! If you are trying to sell something with a picture, wouldn't you take several pictures and be sure you ended up with the best one? I know I would. Anyway, I digress. But thank goodness we take the time to knit up some of these patterns - to show how adorable they really are!

Last week we got our shipment of Mountain Colors River Twist. Now this is a new yarn, and frankly, I don't even remember ordering it. I must have ordered it with my rep AGES ago. As in at least 3-4 months? So of course, I forgot it was coming. We haven't really done much with Mountain Colors recently because of how long it takes to get the yarn (3-4 months). I had heard that the wait was less, but it sort of seems like it's the same amount of time. So the jury's out on the wait time...

But let's talk about the yarn, shall we? The yarn ROCKS. It is gorgeous. Lovely to knit with. As soon as I finished my baby sweater and booties, I cast on for a hat and pair of mittens (a Knitting Pure & Simple pattern). The yardage on the River Twist is 240, so a bit short for this pattern, which calls for 250 yards for the set. So I pulled out a skein of one of my other favorite yarns... Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The colors work beautifully together - and on the hat I am working 1 row of each - so they really blend well.

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choo choo knits said...

The Mountain Colors yarn really is awesome - and i hadn't thought to use it in conjunction with the Ultra Alpaca until you mentioned it - what a great combination!