Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A new favorite yarn

What a great weekend we had for the 4th - hope everybody else had a nice time, too. We had four gorgeous, sun-filled days at our camp in Maine. The lake was over a foot higher than normal from all the rain they'd had, and we arrived to find our dock pieces (and everybody else's) had floated away. After finding the pieces and raising the dock about 8" so it wasn't submerged, the sun came out and things started to dry out. There was lots of relaxing, lots of tubing (for the kids) and even a little knitting!

I started on my Marble baby sweater and almost finished the back by the end of our first day there. But then I had an urge to try the Minnow Merino so I started the little sweater out of that. And look what I have now:
It was easy and quick, and I loved the yarn! Tip for all who knit this - I used one size down for all hems and front ribbings. The pattern does not call for this, but I strongly recommend going down one size needle - otherwise your hems will flare. I made the smallest size, and it is really precious.
Suzie was in the other day and picked up some of the Minnow Merino. She emailed me and said:

"Minnow Merino is the MOST WONDERFULLY AWESOME YARN TO knit with -- dare I type nicer than cotton??? Ah and the color!!! So deep! Good grief Jill, I just cast on for a mitten and think I've gone to heaven. I can't believe how soft it is. I'll be in tomorrow for some more colors (yeah, I KNOW it's wool and I know it is 100+ degrees out, BUT.....that yarn is incredible!)"

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