Monday, February 08, 2010

Manic-In Monday

How about that Superbowl? I confess, I missed the first half (I was too busy eating cookie dough making cookies in the kitchen) but I did manage to sit down and watch the exciting second half. It's my one football game of the year, and last night didn't disappoint.

So, wings and beer yesterday, and chocolates and champagne (perhaps?) next Sunday. Our mannequin is obviously dressing this week to drop some Valentine's hints...
She's sporting a very stylish sweater, with heart details, a gorgeous needle felted scarf and she's toting 2 hot new product from Namaste in the perfect color for this special day... RED. I had to post a second picture to highlight these Namaste items:And here's a closeup of the sweater in another color so you can see the details:

Sweater: Sweetheart sweater from the Kindred pattern booklet. Knit in Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran Yarn.

Scarf: Pagewood Farms Needle Felted Silk Scarf Kit in Reds

Bag: brand new Monroe Bag from Namaste - only have a few of these in stock, but more are on the way, so order now and you'll have it soon. This is a fabulous new shape and style from Namaste. It's going to make me break my "no-more-new-bags" rule. Oops!

Wallet: New Namaste Wallet. I mean really, why are we carrying wallets? I promise, I wasn't going to!! But customers called and emailed about it, so of course, I brought it in. But listen up, Namaste... please don't start making something like... I don't know, shoes?! I'm sure they'd be great, but I have to draw the line somewhere!

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