Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cross Country Project

Polly asked last week if she could share some thoughts on her latest project with our blog readers. I was thrilled! So here it is... in her own words!

Recently I was anticipating a cross country road trip from Prescott, Arizona to Vermont with my daughter and wanted a fun, but no-brainer project for the car. Besides all the cool stuff to watch out the window, we had audio books and Cd's to entertain us and I didn't want to have to think very hard about my knitting. So, I bumped my Half Crepe Triangular Shawl project to the front of the queue.

It uses the Mountain Colors Half Crepe yarn which I chose in the color Lupine. The pattern is easy as pie (and free!) and it's turning out beautifully! On a 32" US size 8 circular needle you begin by casting on 3 stitches. Then EVERY row you simply K2, YO, knit to the end of the row until the shawl is as long as you want it, then bind off. How's that for easy?
Not only was it a great project for the car, it's great for sitting and talking with friends or watching TV or a movie. It's almost like the shawl is knitting itself! I must be almost a third of the way done and I just started last month so at this rate I'll have it done just when we finally go into spring in Vermont and need a light layer.
Have to say, I'm looking forward to when my chosen color of Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted comes in to the shop so I can begin my Blue Sky Alpaca Pleated Vest. Definitely feeling the need for an alternate project that asks a wee more of my brain power!

Thanks Polly. Keep us posted!

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