Friday, February 19, 2010

Manic-In Monday... on Friday?

Sorry! But that's what happens when it's President's Week and we are slammed with visitors from out of town.
And, in all honestly, the mannequin had a hard time deciding what to wear this week. She first picked out an ensemble that was nixed by management (she wore one of the pieces back in December, and we CAN'T repeat an outfit this early in the game, now can we?)

Then she tried on a few other new samples that have arrived from yarn companies over the past couple of weeks. After she struggled to get into these sweaters (remember, her limbs tend to fall off and get all twisted at the MOST inopportune times) those sweaters, too, were nixed. The samples were SO new that in some cases we didn't have the pattern books yet, and in others, we didn't have the yarn!

She ended up sporting one of our most popular linen spring sweaters, a gorgeous year round shawl, and our own felted project bag. Every time I am out and about in Burlington, I see at least 2-3 of these bags being carried around.Sweater:Orleans Sweater in Berroco Naturlin from Berroco Book #273 Naturlin

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