Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Finished Object 2010

It's washed and blocked. I've completed my first finished object for the year 2010. I find it fitting that I finished knitting this on the last day of January - then it had to wait for a laundry day and button. But here it is, the Knitting Pure and Simple One Button Cardi in size 6.
I knit it with Berroco Vintage so that it would be a washable item since it is destined for a small friend's wardrobe. This is a fun in the round project and I am particularly enamored of the garter stitch border - such a nice way to switch up each long row and a good finishing detail.

Stay tuned for why I've only finished ONE project since the beginning of 2010 :)

1 comment:

baby face said...

That cardi came out wonderful.
You always do a good job.