Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh it's maddening...

...when you run out of yarn! I started the Tidepool sweater on Saturday and cruised through it. Last night I was all set to finish up when I found I was JUST short on one color of Soft Chunky. My gauge is right on, and I have about 3 more rows at the neck, but I do not have enough yarn to knit those 3 rows. After all the mistakes in the first Twinkle book, I have to say, I'm not surprised. But at least the directions seem to be without technical problems! I grabbed another skein to finish it tonight, but of course I only have one set of 19 circulars... and I will need another set to finish the neck. Oh well, one more day won't kill me.

So I had to switch projects at 9:30pm last night when I realized the Tidepool sweater was at a standstill. Luckily I had grabbed a skein of the Blue Sky Worsted before heading home yesterday. I wanted to knit something with just one skein, and Barb suggested the Twisted Wrister Bag, a fun little pattern by Iknitiative. I only got a few inches done on it, but it's quick and fun, and oh, how I love that yarn. I chose the new hot pink!

She knew that pattern would be perfect because we've been working on getting these patterns online, and she'd just been focusing on getting all of the pattern details up, as well as linking to the yarns they call for. She had just finished working on Iknitiative patterns, and remembered that she had linked this one to Blue Sky Worsted. Cool!

If you haven't checked out our online pattern selection yet, now's the time to do it! We've added hundreds of patterns in the last two weeks. More coming!

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