Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A time to relax

I made it. I'm officially on vacation - as much as I can ever "officially" be on vacation, that is. After working my butt off for days, testing our new website and running into many "issues" that delayed the launch of all the new features... from last Tuesday, to last Thursday, to Monday of this week, to Tuesday of this week, to today... and then I got down here and plugged in my computer and guess what... it's delayed again until tomorrow. WOW has this been stressful.

When you work so hard for weeks on something, and then it's just out of your hands... And the hands that are trying to fix it, well, it's just not getting fixed fast enough. So as my plane got further and further from Vermont, and closer and closer to Florida, I definitely felt the stress lifting from my shoulders. At least I have left things in very capable hands while I'm gone (for which I am eternally thankful!) I just hope that when I check my website tomorrow afternoon, it is the NEW one, and not the current one. That would be a relief.

So we're here in Orlando for 4 days - doing a little Sea World, a little Discovery Cove and a little Aquatica. Tomorrow is a rest day - a hang at the pool day - a general unwind day, which is most needed. Then we are heading to Miami to hang out with a great college friend of mine. We have plans to ride the high seas on their boat - which is always interesting as her husband does deep sea fishing and we've been able to see him bring up some amazing catches on past trips. Then a jaunt across the state to hang with my parents in Sanibel and to finish up the trip with some gold old R&R. Lots of driving time for sure! I only brought my Flat Feet socks for knitting - I think I was in a bit of a funk when packing. The whole website stress thing just really drained me, that and being sick. I couldn't even get excited about packing my knitting projects. And that's always the MOST FUN part!

I also brought two crochet projects. The first is a granny square bag I am designing out of Cotton Rich DK. I brought my 200 Crochet Blocks book and on the plane I tried out a few squares. I couldn't get into it though, perhaps it was all the screaming children and babies on the plane - I have never flown IN to Orlando before and I never have been on a plane with so many children!

My second crochet project is some sort of flowery things out of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed... I guess you might call them granny squares, in a way. All I know is that I saw one in a book, wanted to try it, and it's a lot of fun, so I am making a bunch of them in different colors, and then I hope to fashion them into some sort of a fun scarf. Stay tuned. It could work, or it could be a disaster!

Anyway, others will be posting this week to pitch in, but I leave you with two happy kids on a balcony...

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