Friday, April 11, 2008

Green is a sign of spring...

Or maybe just a color we like to knit with? Things in our part of the world are starting to look and feel a bit more like spring. We're certainly not seeing any green leaves or grass yet, but spring bulbs are pushing up, and the landscaping crews have been out in full force this past week, taking advantage of the warm temperatures. So even though it is still very brown and dead looking, there are small signs of spring trying to make themselves noticed.

And here's some more green that's sure to be noticed! Barb finished her Fairisle Tote last night - and I'm going to take it home and felt it this evening. It is gorgeous! It's actually 2 shades of green Cascade 220 - Black Forest #9405 (which is a dark green that really almost looks black) and Chartreuse #7814. I can't wait to see it when it's felted!And I have started knitting my Flat Feet - I picked a Cool Bright flat, which is mostly bright green, turquoise, a lighter blue and a bit of periwinkle. It is knitting up VERY nicely! I really like it. I thought I would mind the fact that the yarn is so kinked, but after about 5 minutes I didn't even notice it anymore. I do notice that on my knit to purl transitions (which for me are always a bit looser) it will benefit from being thrown in the washing machine. Because the yarn is kinked, those sections look a touch uneven. It looks fine on the rest of the sock, and the label does say that you will want to wash them when you are finished to get the stitches to block out. Fun fun.Speaking of warmer weather, my spring vacation is starting on Wednesday and we're heading way down south to Florida. I am SO excited to go, and to pick out some fun little knitting projects to take with me. After all, I have 4 flights, and a couple four hour-long car trips that are just begging for some knitting. I may (don't freak out) just focus on crocheting this trip. I've been having a lot of fun with crochet, and there are some projects that I've been dreaming up, so we'll see.

Here's a little shot of Sophie and Helen at GOTR (Girls on the Run) this week. As you can see, still chilly and brownish looking on the ground, but they are having a blast. So great to get outside and get in some healthy exercise!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, new knitter here and enjoying your blog! Hope you'll post a picture of the Fair Isle bag after felting - my first project is a striped felted purse. Many rows yet to go but I'm excited about the finish! Hope the felting goes well on the tote! sandi