Friday, April 18, 2008

Summer Tank or Cardigan?

I am trying to make a decision on my next project. It's for me, and I have it narrowed down to two.

My first choice is in the Berroco Book 270 - Linen Jeans. I have looked in this book several times and totally missed this cool top! It’s called the Latitude. It's a striped tank knit up in Linen Jeans. It’s a really nice tape yarn of 70% Rayon and 30% Linen. The colors are earthy shades which definitely appeal to me.

My other choice is the One-Button Cardigan in the Terra Collection book. The sweater is on the front cover and it caught my eye the day I was pricing the pattern booklet. And we just got in some wonderful new colors of the Blue Sky Cotton - and I LOVE that yarn - so Im thinking I'd substitute that...

So maybe I won't just pick one. I can always do both... but which one FIRST?

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