Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sharing our customer's projects!

We just received 2 emails from customers of ours sharing their projects with us. We were so impressed that we thought we'd share them with you all!

First we heard from Leslie T. from Vicksburg, MS. She sent us a picture of her Fiddlesticks Peacock Shawl that she made out of Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace in Winterberry. Gorgeous! And we have to give Leslie EXTRA kudos for her amazing blocking job. I bet those blocking wires helped...Then one of our local customers, Nancy R.D. from Waterbury, sent us two pictures of rugs she has hooked with yarn. I remember when she brought in the Thistle Rug - she was picking out more Lamb's Pride Bulky to use in it and we all just couldn't believe how gorgeous it was! She said it is SO soft and springy! (Looks small but it's over 5 feet square!)Her second rug was made with some Lamb's Pride and some natural wool rug yarn that she dyed herself. WOW. Gorgeous.Thanks for sharing!


Kathleen Bruce said...

Dear Jill, have a wonderful vacation. The website is so nice and new and splashy.... yet sophisticated too. It does show the new products off really well... I came in and found some new sock wool (the Milan was not to be passed up, I'm afraid), and Kalen helped me as usual, as I can't decide on colors, wanting them all. I posted a bit about your new website on my website (www.kbbspin.org) and thought that I saw that there would be a period of free shipping when I was in the store, then didn't see it online, so maye you can let me know the dates of that special arrangement, or if I missed the boat and thought I saw that and it was not an offer in fact, ... I will update my website to reflect that, and to feature KYarns so that our readers can come over and see what's new on your site.

Good luck on vacation. Your girls look very happy.... Enjoy the swimming and the sunshine. We are visiting Emily in England, where she is getting her Masters Degree at Cambridge. We of course brought her some new knitting along to keep her happy while she is here studying... there is always time to knit, even for busy graduate students. And even Sally has some new sock yarn (the Milan Peony) and is working away on her socks...(she's now 16!). Time flies when children are growing. Too fast. Cheers, and safe travels. Kathleen Bruce xo

Jill said...

Hi Kathleen,
Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. The free shipping coupon is NEWLOOK and will work through 4/24. This actually includes free shipping to international locations, and England is one of the places we ship to most (that and Australia!)

The Milan is a great yarn - so soft. I love all of the Tilli Tomas yarns - my favorite color in that is Green with Envy.

Take care,