Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Catching the crochet bug

Yesterday I got an email from Shawn. She's one of our "weekend warriors", who works for us on Saturdays, and works at the Green Mountain Club during the week. This is what she had to say:

"Just wanted to share that I taught myself to crochet last Sunday – couldn’t resist making my own shopping bag since I’ll be working for the class Barb is teaching. Trying to answer questions in the shop last weekend got me motivated too. I checked out a book from the library and have a nice cotton mesh bag now!"

She would have taken Barb's class, but she is scheduled to be working in the shop that day, so it wasn't possible. How cool that she was so motivated that she taught herself, and completed her own bag in just a day or so?!

So many knitters think crocheting is hard. It's not. Different, yes. Addictive? Yes. As fast as knitting? The jury's out on that one. For me, it's not faster. For others, it could be. but really, who cares? We have found that our "knitting only" customers who have recently learned to crochet, have really enjoyed adding this new skill. There are some items that are better suited to crocheting, than to knitting. And by knowing how to crochet, you are really just increasing your overall talent - and what's wrong with that?

Need some great ideas for crochet? Well besides the obvious reusable shopping bags, and granny square scarves, blankets, and hats...and what about a super easy potholder? That was my first project, and it was easy and small and totally do-able. These potholders are nice and beefy, and as you can see, get a lot of use when we are dying our rug hooking wools here.How about a sampler scarf, to practice different stitches and use up some of your stash?Or a little belt for summer - just grab some fun colored cotton, and some rings from the hardware store and make yourself a one-of-a-kind belt. How about some hanger covers? This is a very easy project - and it makes a great gift. What better way to cover your satin hangers so your clothes don't slip off? Try a simple one like this:And then get more daring and try some scallop stitches like this:Once you learn a few easy crochet stitches, you really open up the door in terms of finishing options. Believe me! You can do some amazing crochet edges on knitted sweaters.

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