Monday, April 14, 2008

Two sweaters for the guys

I am very excited. I finally finished my son Andrew's Christmas present...(it's only April!) At Christmas he opened a box full of yarn and a pattern. I had finished the back, and only half of the front. I'm not sure if other people wrap unfinished gifts but for me, it's becoming a bit of a trend.

Even though it was not finished, he was still thrilled, and he was surprised that I had knit so much of it without him knowing. I used the Blue Sky Alpaca's Mens Ribbed Sweater pattern. The pattern calls for Blue Sky Worsted (which is one of my favorite yarns) but to make it machine washable I substituted Berroco Pure Merino Nuance in this beautiful blue color. It also made it more affordable.

Andrew just loves the sweater and has actually had a chance to wear it since we are still experiencing some cold weather here in Vermont.

My youngest son Eli is patiently waiting for HIS sweater to be finished. I'm making him the "Hacky Sack Hoodie" from the Son of Stitch N Bitch. I am knitting it in the Lambs Pride Worsted which is what the pattern calls for, but I'm substituting the Berroco Jasper for the contrasting color. This is actually my first top down sweater - and I love it. Definately the way to go if you're not fond of seaming.

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Michelle said...

Michele, your not alone on gifting the partially finished projects. Last year I gave my dad one complete sock and the other one was still on the dbl pt needles! His reply at opening was "What am I supposed to knit the other sock?".. yeah Dad, I wish you could! LOL