Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We're the first with NEW Berroco yarns, patterns & kits!

The holiday week has come and gone. It was a bit odd this year, with the holidays on Tuesdays... we can't seem to figure out exactly what day it is here. We were super busy after Christmas and into New Year's. Please take note - our holiday schedule next year WILL be different. I haven't decided exactly what it will be yet, but I do know that we will be closing for some R&R time. I need it, and my employees need it. It's hard because I hate to close when we are so busy, both online and in the shop, but next year all those last minute things... well, you'll just have to plan ahead, because we will be taking some time off to be with our families. And visitors to the area, take note of the hours and please work around them!

Christmas was nice - I don't think I set foot outside of the house. The girls are 8 1/2, and pretty much clued in on the whole "Santa" reality (or lack of) this year, but Helen did not want to let go of her beliefs. Sophie was pretty matter of fact about it, but all of a sudden, on Christmas Eve, she became a believer again! Funny. It was a great morning. Some of the highlights were... Helen getting her starter loom (she REALLY wanted one).
and Sophie opening her AGD skis.
One of my own highlights was drinking my coffee (leisurely - this never happens) out of my brand new favorite mug. (Thanks Mom!)
The funniest part of the morning was that when the gifts were all opened, Sophie went up to get her dolls and Webkinz, and she pulled out a few more wrapped gifts from under the tree. On Christmas Eve, she had gone around and found something in the house for each of her dolls, and wrapped it up so they'd have something to open on Christmas. She had even written them note cards - how funny is this?
She gave her dolls a "toothbrush," which was really an eyebrow brush she dug out from underneath my bathroom sink. It was comical.

Later in the day, Sophie and Marc went skiing while Helen and I stayed home. I worked on my hooked rug, and Helen "loomed" as she calls it. She has gotten quite good at it. It's so funny to hear her say, "Mom, I'm going to go loom for a while." I don't have the heart to correct her (kind of like when she went on a field trip to see the Vermont Sympathy Orchestra! (Symphany) or when I "scare the death out of her.")

And when Sophie came back from skiing, look who got a private ski lesson on the family room rug?
So now here we are back at work (we didn't really ever leave!) and I had time today to do a TON of work on the new Berroco spring 2008 yarns. They are all online, as are the new pattern booklets, and 18 kits from these books! The patterns and yarns are great, so browse around the site and check them out. We will have 4 samples coming from Berroco, and another 4-5 from our own knitters, which will be here sooner.

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Pooch said...

Your daughters are enchanting--so individual and creative. The gifts for the dolls is truly inspired and so sweet.