Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Berroco spring 07 yarns in stock!

This week started off with a lovely 16" dump of the white stuff. The totals were anywhere from 8-24+ inches of snow, depending on what town you live in. It was nice and cold and windy on Monday, but that's okay - we were inside getting all of those Tilli Tomas orders out the door.
We've received many new things this week, and hopefully they will all be out in the shop and online in the next few days. Several of Berroco's spring 07 yarns are here and they are lovely! We won't get the pattern booklets until January, but we're going to try to get some samples worked up before then.
One of my favorites arrived today - Galaxy, by Regia. Look how cool the yarn knits up!
Yesterday Helen and Sophie wanted to start a knitting project after school. They wanted to knit with the needles that have the "string in between" (circulars!) They wanted to pick their own yarns, and both chose some Koigu from my stash at home. Hmmm. Koigu, for 8 year old kids? No way. I want them to feel they're making progress with their knitting, and I knew Koigu was the wrong choice. So I steered them into the bulky room and they ended up picking Foliage. Better, because it's bulkier and it changes colors on its own. So I cast on 20 stitches for each of them and worked the first row. Then I reminded them of the rhyme we use to tell them what to do... and I left the room, thinking they would call me in when they got the end of the row (they've only used straight needles before.)
I came back 15 minutes later and they were on row 8 or 9. I was amazed that they figured out how to work with circular needles all on their own! A lot of people don't understand that you can work a flat piece on a circular needle, you just turn the work at the end of the row. Both of them figured it out all by themselves, and when I came into the room and asked them how they knew what to do at the end of the row, they gave me that "Duh, Mom!" look, and told me that it was SO easy. Wow, that's something that a lot of our customers don't understand. So I'm definitely proud of them - it must be in their blood!
Michele brought in another plate of her famous cookies... with an appropriate winter theme. We enjoyed them, and are eager for Valentine's Day, which is when we will most likely get another plate!
We have been busting some serious you know what here, getting our packages out the door. It is always amazing to me how people wait until the last minute, and then think that it will only take us 2 seconds to pick, pack, charge and ship their order. But really, I have to say, we are quick. Just 30 minutes ago, I saw two orders come in - both were expedited... so I clicked on them to download them, and just as I got up to get them off the printer, I heard Barb coming upstairs. In her hands was the Offhand Designs Zelda Weekender that had just been ordered for overnight shipment. She had seen the orders come in too, and we were both jumping to attention to get the stuff out the door. Within 5 minutes, the orders were charged and shipped and now those 2 people will be loving it when their packages arrive in time for Christmas. See all those Red, Blue and Orange stickers!?

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