Sunday, January 20, 2008

All kinds of weather

Well, I've been here for 3 days and I've seen it all. We've had dark skies, heavy rain, thunder, lightning, high humidity, cool breezes, warm breezes, gorgeous sun, cold winds and temps in the high 70s down to the low 50s (not including wind chill!) Brrr. Despite the crazy weather, we've been doing lots of relaxing. We've ridden bikes... and the girls have certainly enjoyed the pool - they go in no matter what. Even though the weather hasn't fully cooperated, it is lovely to be away from the single digits for a few days. I hear it is SO cold up there.

I've seen Lois several times. I delivered her Lobster Pot yarn, and yesterday gave her some help picking up stitches on one sleeve of her gansey. She has been trying to get us out on her boat, to explore some of the little islands around here, but the weather has not been cooperating for boating. Today and tomorrow are 3-5 foot seas with big winds. So it most likely will not happen. Too bad! It would have been so much fun.

This weather is good for one thing - knitting! I started a little neck scarf - it's a simple cabled one knit with Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky. This yarn is just so wonderful to knit with. It is so soft and warm. It's one of our best selling bulky yarns.I also started the Babyboo sweater (hmm, same color - turquoise blue. Was I thinking tropical things, or what?) I'm only making the 3 month size, so it should go quickly. This is another great yarn. We just got it a few weeks ago, but it's definitely a great sport weight baby/kid/adult yarn. It's a blend of bamboo and nylon, and it's washable. It's very soft, and knits up beautifully. The day before I left, one of our customers (Robin C.) was in the shop. She had brought in a sweater she was making out of Babyboo. It was really nice, and she went ON and ON about how much she loved this yarn. Let's just say - I completely agree.So today will be filled with a little knitting, a possible bike ride, a visit to Ding Darling, a run and some shopping... cuz hey, that's what you have to do when the weather doesn't fully cooperate!

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