Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Girasole - Remember Me?

contributed by Shawn

Back in October Jill posted some photos of my (then) current UFO's. Remember this?
Well, I am happy to report that the Girasole afghan is no longer an unfinished object.

I had run out of yarn and wasn't sure what to use to finish this project. After some deliberation I decided to place a special order for Cascade Eco Wool in a dyed color to finish the pattern up. (Did you know we are happy to do this for you?)
Finished Girasole afghan, laid out on the classroom floor
I've been using this story to illustrate to customers that even we get in a bind every once and while! It's normal to have to make changes to patterns and projects now and again. And to re-knit sections... did you know I re-knit the border of this project 3 times? I kept running out of yarn and I really didn't want to add more yardage to the project so I had to "tink" and adjust until I got it right. 

I finished this with just about a week to spare. I took it to Maine last weekend as a gift, and it was really well received!

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