Thursday, March 08, 2012

Great news for Denise Needle Kit Owners!

I have a Denise Knitting Needle Kit, and I love it. It's not the only kit I have - but it's my favorite one for travel and for knitting projects on slippery yarns. The case is perfect and everything fits so nicely and stays so organized. That is, if you put everything back. Which I don't.

My biggest problem is that I finish projects and leave the needles in different knitting bags. Why I can't take 2 minutes at the end of any project to actually put the needles back where they belong is beyond me. (Isn't this what I am telling my kids every day? If you took 2 minutes to put your tennis racket where it belongs, you wouldn't waste 20 minutes looking for it the next day? Same goes with school books, water bottles, wallets, bus passes, etc.)

My argument is that I put so many of the girls' things away that when it comes time to put my own things in their place, I've had enough.

And so when I am looking for a Denise cable to use in a different project, at any given time I can open my knitting closet and see several pink Denise needles in clear project bags (I've got the Breast Cancer set). If I'm looking for a certain length cable, I have to open each bag, pull out the needle and measure it to see if it's the right one. (Wouldn't that be a GREAT time to put each set of tips and cable back in it's proper place?)

Denise has just come out with a Companion Kit that is going to make my life a little easier. (Since I don't have any plans to change my bad habits any time soon!) This Companion Kit has 6 cables and each one is a different color.  The cords are 5" (red), 9" (yellow), 12" (teal), 14" (white), 16" (green) and 19" (purple).
All I have to do now is memorize which color is which length, and at first glance I'll know where the one I'm looking for is. Need a 24" needle? Look for the white cable (14" plus the needle tips makes your 24" needle.)

Putting them back will still be optional for me.

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