Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FB Updates

For our non-Facebook Fans, here's what's been going on on FB:
New Manos LE color in stock!
Great new baby blanket pattern from Sirdar
Beautiful crocheted bed set
Don't knit and drive
One of our favorite wrap projects in Noro Nadeshiko
Reminds us of Fraggle Rock!
Looks like a car I'd want to hire for a fancy party!
Article on second graders knitting in Rapid City
The Google Doodle for the arrival of spring was Marimekko!
Need a sweater to go with that Easter dress?
Fun crochet tutorial - great for beginners and good gift for little ones!
Low-fat (actually NO-fat) peeps!
Adorable newborn gift idea
Another cool car... although this one would be for every day!
Great new sweater for men!

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