Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Toasty Toes

contributed by Shawn

One of the physical discomforts that I dread the most is COLD toes.  All winter I have to have thick wool socks on or felted slippers and even then I often feel a chill in my feet. When making an afghan, I always plan to make the largest size so that I can drape it from my head to my feet and tuck it in nicely at the bottom to keep my toes warm. 

I've picked out the Fir Cone Lace Blanket as a perfect candidate for my next toe warmer. This is going to knit up quickly with bulky yarn and with a finished size of 50" wide by 60" length it is sure to keep me covered on cold days! It's time to replace the worn grey garter stitch blanket that graces the couch in my house - Indigo (the cat) has claimed it and gets grumpy if anyone tries to take it away from him. (Believe me when I say you should beware grumpy Siamese cats!) 

I absolutely love the drape of the Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn used in our shop sample so I think I'm going to pick out a dark blue - Juniper (color #6188) or maybe Blue Moon (color #61191)? 
The living room rug is all shades of blue and both of these shades have a lot of color depth to them so they'll look stunning on the couch.  The pattern is a nice easy lace pattern and has a fair amount of repetition.  I'm thinking this will be a perfect way to undertake a new television series marathon to finish out the Vermont winter.

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