Monday, February 06, 2012

Knit Noro Accessories

contributed by Shawn

Noro has done it again.  The new Knit Noro Accessories book is another great hit!  This time there are another 30 must-knit patterns packed into the gorgeous pages.  Some of these are so irresistible we've already been working to get some of them knit into samples for the shop

Check out the Entrelac iPad Cover that Jill worked up in a flash.  This fun knitting technique isn't too difficult once you have the hang of it and just 1 skein of Noro Taiyo Yarn becomes a striking knit cover for the latest technology. 
One of our sample knitters just brought in a finished Slip-Stitch Cowl last week. This pattern called for Noro Kureyon but we chose Taiyo so people who aren't able to wear wool. Can you tell we love Taiyo? The knitted fabric created by the Taiyo yarn is amazingly warm and soft, and it slides smoothly onto your shoulders just like a giant hug.  I love how the slip stitch pattern shows off the wonderful Noro colors.
Cowl pictured in book in Kureyon
Our sample, knit with Noro Taiyo. We show more ways to wear it!
I myself definitely have to decide on a colorway of the Noro Kureyon yarn to combine with the delicious textures used in the Tea Cozy.  I know of a friend's little teapot that will look so cool dressed up in this!
Of course I'm also going to use the excuse that my old Silk Garden fingerless mitts are wearing out to knit a new pair of the nifty Scale-Pattern Mitts. 

They will look great in my favorite Silk Garden colorway: Plum Mustard Tomato Tan. 
Michele has been talking about trying to get her cat to wear a sweater this winter.  (I think she's trying to avoid working on the never-ending sweater vest she has going.) I'm going to challenge her to knit this Dog Sweater just a wee bit smaller to fit the cat and try and get us a photo.
So many techniques: felting, cables, lace, intarsia, brioche, modular knitting, and more!  So many different types of projects: scarves, hats, pillows, bags, wraps, mittens, and more!  The combinations of colors and possibilities are endless!  I see myself adding the Welted Hat:

the Earflap Hat: 
and the Riverbed Rib Hat:
to my knitting queue. The difficulty will be making a decision about which colors of NoroNadeshiko and Taiyo Sock will suit my friends. I know they'll make great additions to their hat collections.

These pillows:
this short capelet:
and this felted bag are also great projects.

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