Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wrap these around your neck! New free patterns for scarves.

It's getting cooler, and it's best to always have a scarf with you when you leave the house. Both of these scarves are free patterns, and they're not just your everyday boring old scarves, either! 

First up we've got the Lengthwise Frill Scarf which uses two new yarns: Joseph Galler Flore II (a gorgeous worsted weight mohair) and a ruffle yarn. For the ruffle yarn, we used Trendsetter Flamenco, but since they've been very slow to ship us our other colors we want to let you know that any ruffle yarn can be substituted. That means Flounce and Triana or Triana Lux would work perfectly. The best part about this scarf is that it gives you all the fun of the ruffle yarns, but it's functional! The mohair adds warmth, because you know... sometimes you need function AND fashion.
Another great choice for a scarf is our Mohair Mistaken Rib Scarf. This is an easy pattern and we've worked it up on such a large needle that it takes almost no time at all! Again, fashion meets function here, as the Trendsetter Dune has just a touch of metallic shimmer worked in with a luxurious mohair & viscose blend.

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