Monday, October 24, 2011

A Feel Good Moment

Last week, a customer of ours stopped in to share some photos with us. She's a nurse at the NICU at FAHC and wanted to stop in to thank everybody for the preemie hats, and to show us some adorable photos of some of the hats "in action"! 

She also brought a beautiful framed thank you note from the staff at the NICU. If the pictures of these adorable little babies wearing some of the hats that our wonderful customers made for them didn't make us tear up enough... seeing the thank you note and reading the lovely sentiments on it, just about put us over the edge.
Barb emailed me to let me know, and sent me a photo of the thank you note so I could read it. She also shared the photos with me and I, too, was moved to tears. I wanted to share the thank you here with everybody, so you can see just how much this meant to them.

Some of the comments:
  • Thank you for the lovely hats! Our babies have never looked cuter.
  • Our parents are thrilled to see a little color and fun on their children. It brings smiles to everyone's face.
  • Each little hat makes a big difference and is so appreciated.
  • Absolutely adorable hats! Thank you for your beautiful creations!
  • The hats are BEAUTIFUL!!! So much fun to give out to families!
  • Thank you so much! The parents were so excited to see their little ones all dolled up in these wonderful hats!
  • Thank you for the talent you have and share. We appreciate it so much!
  • Your kindness and creativity shine!
  • Thank you for your diligence. The children look so cute and the parents appreciate the hats!
  • All your hats have turned our unit into a bakery (cupcakes), farm (sheep) and garden (flowers and vegetables). And your creativity has brought many smiles. Thank you with gratitude.

For any locals who contributed hats, please stop into the shop to read this thank you note in person. It is, after all, for YOU!

We did get permission to post this one photo, and look - this sweet little baby is wearing one of the ones we named "Cutest Unisex". What a little love!
One of the "cutest babies" in the NICU, cuddling with Mommy and wearing the "cutest" hat!

This was a really fun thing to do. And please know that while our "official" preemie hat "contest and drive" are now over, we are ALWAYS happy to accept preemie hats and get them to the NICU. They're easy and fun to make, and when you think of how happy it makes people (parents, nurses, doctors and of course babies!) - that's all the thanks you'll ever need.

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