Friday, October 28, 2011

Nanuk of the North

contributed by Chrissy

As we are finally beginning to feel autumn’s nip in the air, and we are looking ahead to frostier days, I am naturally dreaming of cozy knitted sweaters and accessories.  This year, I am particularly drawn to one of Berroco’s newer yarns:  Nanuk. 

Years ago I was a big fan of Berroco’s Chinchilla yarn for its soft, lush appearance and jewel-like tones. Nanuk shares some of these qualities and even takes them a step further.  A wool and nylon blend, its look is woolier than Chinchilla, but no less inviting. (Plus Nanuk doesn’t shed as you knit with it like the Chinchilla yarn did!)

Nanuk evokes a sense of faux fur that is irresistibly touchable.  Think warm; think snuggly.  Take thoughts of your favorite huggable teddy bear and then translate them into trim on hats, scarves and vests, like the Cappuccino Sweater:
and the Caffe Vest (both featured in Berroco Pattern Book #314): 
The texture also makes a lovely addition to mixed fiber projects! Combine this with a sport weight yarn as a carry-along for hats or scarves…mmmmm…I’m feeling warmer already!

As a tribute to Chinchilla, we knit up an easy scarf with just two balls of Nanuk. It's a free pattern!

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