Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Knit Doctor is IN

It's that time of the year! Things are getting busy in the shop, and we have many customers who are trying to bang out the projects for holiday gifts. We've gotten requests for after hours help and so we're thrilled to introduce: KNIT E.R.

Knit E.R. will be open every other Thursday evening to help you with your knitting emergencies. It will be held at the shop, which from 5-7pm those nights, magically transforms into the "Walk In K-Clinic".

Well okay, it doesn't really "transform" but it stops becoming a retail shop and starts becoming the place where you can come for emergency help on your knitting projects. Here are some specifics:
  • We're not a restaurant, but we do have "call-ahead" service. Please call us (288-9200x4) during open shop hours (10am-5pm) to get your name on the list. Then, when you arrive, you'll move to the front of the line. If you don't call and there are too many people, you'll have to come back another time. So please call!
  • This is for specific pattern questions or problems. Please have your questions, project and pattern with you. We do sell out of patterns often, so we can help you better if you have your copy with you. 
  • This does not take the place of private lessons. Depending on the nature of your "emergency", we may suggest you schedule a private lesson at a different time.
  • We're sorry, but the shop will not be open for shopping or browsing during Knit E.R. We only have one doctor on call these nights and she's there to help patch up existing emergencies, not to help with finding new projects. For a new project, we are more than happy to help you during our regular hours.
  • Because we arrive at work before 8am each day, Knit E.R. will be closing promptly at 7pm. We will remind you of this as that hour approaches and thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Cost: this is free! So even if you don't have insurance on your current project, don't worry, we've got you covered.
  • First Knit E.R. is this Thursday, October 20th! Hope to see you there!
We're psyched to offer this convenient "after work" time slot and since the shop is closed, we'll be able to dedicate our full attention to your knitting questions.

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