Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tiny Bundles of Sparkliness

I'm talking about the Tilli Tomas Planet Earth Beaded Lace skeins that we have displayed in the front window of the shop. These are tiny 25 yard skeins of silk lace weight yarn. The skeins are about as large as your thumb and are perfect for edgings, embellishments and holiday decorations.

The skeins come in so many colors: rich, bright colors with a lovely shine with glittering highlights from the sparkling glass seed beads that catch the sun or the lights (it is getting dark earlier now) every time you walk by the window.

People remark on them as soon as they notice them and I enjoy sharing the following image:

Can you just imagine a holiday tree filled with tiny colorful skeins of yarn for decoration? Add some glass baubles netted with delicately knit lace covers from the Stitch Diva Holiday Ornament pattern, sparkling lacy snowflakes from the Lacy Flakes pattern, and tiny knit icicles from Berroco Lumina in silver. Dim the lights a bit and...

Now I'm in the mood to get a holiday tree! Wouldn't Indigo have a wonderful holiday season with all of those little glittery sparklies to play

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Jane said...

Yea, that's the spirit! Indigo needs a x-mas tree filled with pretty kitty toys.