Thursday, October 08, 2009

Berroco Trunk show is here!

Wow! This week has really flown by. We've all been commenting on how quickly the days have passed. We get here in the morning, the doors open, and next thing you know, you check your watch and it's closing time.

We can't really account for all those hours in the middle of the day, but we do know that the parking lot is full, the door is opening and closing all day, the shop is bustling, we're seeing so many folks from out of town in town for some foliage peeping and yarn shopping, we're restocking and straightening like crazy and our "emergency doorbell" is ringing and ringing. We installed a doorbell under the front counter so as soon as the people working the floor need help, they press the button, and the buzzer rings upstairs. Then everyone upstairs drops what they're doing and comes to help. (It's our new favorite "gadget"!)

TRUNK SHOW ALERT!! Yesterday afternoon we unloaded the Berroco trunk show: Oh my gosh. There are some SICK SICK SICK sweaters in this trunk show. My list of "wants" has just increased! Just now we had a welcome lull in the shop, and I called everyone down to try things on. We has so much fun seeing how the sweaters fit us. I have to say, we were working it big time. Watch out ANTM, here we come!

We're all REAL people with REAL bodies, and our bodies are all different shapes and sizes. It's so great to see that a lot of these sweaters work well on different figures. We also tried on sweaters that we
didn't think we'd like, and we ended up liking them! The biggest surprise for me was the bright yellow Potter from Norah Gaughan 5:I knew this was a popular sweater, but it didn't appeal to me in the least. After trying it on, however, I realized I love it! (And yes, the color is growing on me too...)

Emily never thought she'd like Nimbus in Peruvia Quick - but she changed her tune after trying it on. And look who is peaking out on her Woman's Bob Tee! That Ravelry Dog sure does get around!
Barb looked awesome in Assemblage from Norah Gaughan 3. This sample is knit in Inca Gold. Here she is admiring the detail on the cuffs. This one's a little blurry (sorry!) but Shawn is sporting Nuss in Blackstone Tweed (Book #288). The blur is because we were both laughing so hard, NOT about the sweater! We just felt so funny posing for the camera.Shawn is wearing the Beagle Sweater from Norah Gaughan Men shown here in the smallest size. Even though this pattern is in the men's book, it's clear that the style is quite unisex. Shawn would shorten the sweater if she made it for herself - she's got it rolled up in the picture. And here's me in Drift. This is a free pattern and it combines the stitch pattern from Beagle (above) with a more feminine fit. This was super comfortable and very flattering, knit in Vintage Wool. Here's Emily in Anhinga - very cute! (Pure Merino, Norah Gaughan 5) Barb tried on the Osprey Shawl from NG5. This is an easy piece that is very versatile, and it uses Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Fine. And here's Shawn in the Nonpairel in Blackstone Tweed (Book #288).. This looks so great on her! In the pattern book it's shot with such a different outfit. I never would have put it with just jeans, but it takes on a whole new meaning when dressed down. Okay, Shawn was a good sport to put this next one on, as ruffles just are NOT her thing (Sweater is the Heron, NG5). We always like to tease her about it though, that and her favorite color "pink". (NOT) So if this sweater were done in pink, this could have been a great blackmail photo. She's such a good sport though, she was really having fun with this shot! And since we're on the subject of ruffles, here's me in Cormorant (NG5). I've actually started one of these for myself. I'm making the next size down, in teal Vintage Wool, and I've only got the sleeves done. This is a reminder that I need to get moving on that. And to stop spinning like a 4 year old wearing a skirt! This was another of my favorites, the Curie from NG5. We could only get the detail to show up without the flash. It's gorgeous and fits like a dream! Here's the last shot - I'm wearing the Danielle Coat from Book #287 in Berroco Sundae. Great coat! And Shawn has on the Goodall Sweater from NG5 in Inca Gold. This was stunning!So come on in now (through next weekend) to check out these sweaters!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the sweaters on real people! It's hard to just see them on skinny Berroco models. After all, who looks like them? Not me!