Saturday, October 03, 2009


Snow already? Please let it wait just a few more days. I'm not quite ready for a blanket of white yet. I haven't retrieved my hats and fingerless gloves, knitted last season, from the depths of the closet. I want to wear my Chacos with bare feet just a few more days, before I pull out the handknit wool socks.

It is getting cold though. Everybody on Church Street is wearing hats to keep them warm. I love "hat watching", as it inspires my own hat designs. My friends love it too, since they get my handknit hats for the holidays!

So while I will miss the sun and warm weather during the impending cold season, I am looking forward to the knitting part of it! I need to break out my new Cascade Eco Alpaca scarf project, the Carezza angora hat with buttons and I want to start a new wool sweater from Chic Knits. And I may have to take a look at those one skein hat projects for a new Jade Sapphire 4-ply cashmere hat. Oh! And I can't forget my Ab Fab. I bought one of the custom colorways on sale, and then my mom bought one, so I have to knit two of them. Maybe I should start mine now so it will keep me warm while I knit.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to Vermont Sheep and Wool this weekend. Is anyone going? Emily and I are taking advantage of time off on Sunday and heading down to Tunbridge. Hope to see you there.

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