Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cat toys (or the Return of the Baby Snowman!)

The baby snowman is back! I caught Indigo batting it around at about 2 AM a couple of nights ago. I have no idea where Indigo has been hiding this little guy, but now he is mine again. I am ecstatic. Indigo, however, is in mourning.

So Baby Snowman, who is
slightly fuzzier due to his stint as a "cat toy," is safely tucked away inside a zippered knitting bag that is securely closed.

Soon Baby Snowman will get a hat and/or s
carf, and I-cord fashioned nose. Stay tuned for the entire family in their Sunday best. We would love to see your SnoBuddy families too! Send us photos of what you knit up from the SnoBuddy pattern or any Knitting at Knoon patterns!

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