Friday, October 02, 2009

Customer Projects

This morning was so beautiful! We are approaching peak foliage here in Vermont, and it was so dramatic against the dark sky this morning. Now the blue skies have taken over, and it's going to be a gorgeous fall day.

We've had a slew of finished objects in the shop this week. We haven't captured all of them, but now that I have an extra camera down in the shop, we are trying hard to "snap" each finished item we see so we can share them with you.

First up: Margo P. and Katelyn Z. came in with a beautiful assortment of felted mittens. They bought some Cascade Eco Wool and Tahki Ritratto to make some more. The Ritratto is a great addition for felted pieces - you can see in some of the mittens that it really adds a little something special for each pair! Then Chris W. came in wearing her Ellis Sweater from Norah Gaughan Volume 2. Shawn snapped the picture and I wish I could have seen it in person - it looks amazing! Chris used Berroco Inca Gold. We used to have a shop sample in Berroco Love It, but that yarn was discontinued so we've had to retire the sample. Seeing her sweater makes me think we need to make another one in a different fiber...

Yesterday Kristine L. (oops, I mean Kristine K. - can't get used to that married name, sorry!) brought in her cute little Dale of Norway sweater for Lucy. Obviously, we're looking at Baby Ull here! She had wonderful success with her steeks and I helped her pick out the cutest little heart buttons from Danforth Pewter. (I can't believe I don't have Danforth buttons online. Duh! I'm working on that today!)

Then this morning Michele brought in her finished hoodie sweater in Nashua Handknits Paradise. It's gorgeous! She's never sent away for a custom zipper before, and she's never put one in either. I helped her measure for the zipper, and once it arrives I'll help her with putting it in, if she needs it. It seems scarier than it actually is.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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