Monday, August 03, 2009

A summer snowman

We've passed the six month mark for Christmas 2009. For me that means it is time to start thinking about what I would like to accomplish in my knitting world before December looms any closer. I have a few things on my needles already of course and plans for more. (No peaking, you'll get to see them soon enough!) Even though we are finally getting some nice summer weather, I'm thinking warm wool presents for friends and family.

Two weeks ago I got a start on a tiny little project that is just perfect for setting the winter mood. I took home Malabrigo Worsted in the natural color, and Snobuddies, a Knitting at Knoon pattern. I also grabbed a set of the square Kollage double pointed needles. I quickly knit up the baby snobuddy that evening before I headed out with some friends.
I stashed it in my knitting bag along with the roving I'm using for stuffing, the needles and the Malabrigo. I did not zip the knitting bag. I SHOULD have zipped the knitting bag.

When I came home that night to relax and start one of the larger snowbuddies, I pulled out the roving, the needles, my wool and the pattern and got started. But the baby snowbuddy was no longer in the bag. Hmmmm.

Small woolen snow people generally do not go exploring by themselves. And despite the recent high temperatures, I don't think that this one melted. I looked everywhere for the tiny little creature. I used a yard stick to retrieve all the cat toys from under the refrigerator and stove. No luck. Baby snowbuddy was MIA.

Apparently tiny snow people are great cat toys. I'm sure Indigo had NOTHING to do with the disappearance.
Now a couple of weeks later, we have the completed snowbuddy family (not quite decorated yet!) I was sure to zip my bag this time. Check out the earmuffs!


Jane said...

Yea, blame the poor, "innocent" cat! Cute though. Love the ear muffs.

Joy said...

Indigo looks innocent to me! He's so sweet.... how could you?!?