Saturday, August 08, 2009

Thing One and Thing Two

Well the rainy weather over the past few weeks has been good for one thing - knitting! Even if it didn't feel much like summer weather (until this week!) I've been knitting quite a bit and it doesn't seem inappropriate to be working on my fall and winter projects due to the cooler temperatures. So the wedding gift I'm making is growing and I just finished a really fun set of socks for a couple of my friends.

I often knit when I'm at other people's houses while I'm sitting and visiting with them. One of my friends has a daughter who is very interested in watching me knit. She's not quite ready to try it herself, but she is enthralled by the motions and the fact that something like a hat can grow out of the process. She also loves to wear socks to bed and I thought it might be fun to knit up a pair of slightly crazy socks for her so she could see what was happening along the way. Since I've been having such a good time knitting with Berocco Vintage Wool on my other project I decided to try it out on these worsted weight socks - especially since it is machine wash and dry.

I picked out her favorite color, red, and matched it with something fun, robin's egg blue, for stripes and contrast. The socks were quick (I used the Yankee Knitter #29 Classic Socks pattern as a guide) to knit and everyone who has seen them is tickled by the colors and stripes.

I finished up the red pair for my friend's daughter and realized I had plenty of yarn left to make another complimentary pair of socks. Wouldn't it be neat for these two to have a 'matching' pair of slipper socks?! I love them and the colors remind me of Dr. Seuss' Thing One and Thing Two who appear in the Cat in the Hat aptly during a rainy day when no one can go out to play.
Hope you are tickled by Thing One and Thing Two Socks just like my friends and I are! :)

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