Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lima, and not the beans!

A quick Google of "lima beans" returns this interesting bit of info:
"Lima beans originated in Peru (or possibly Guatemala). They have been cultivated in Peru since 6000 B.C., and their common name comes from Lima, Peru's capital city."
I didn't know that! All I knew was that lima beans are one of maybe three foods I just don't care for. Of course the pronunciation of the beans has surely been Americanized. The capital city of Peru is pronounced "Leeeema", just like the new Lima yarn from Rowan. And while I would not eat lima beans, I would gladly devour knit through a plate full of Lima yarn.

This yarn is sinfully decadent. It's a blend of baby alpaca, merino wool and nylon. It's got a unique hollow core chainette construction, that produces a light and airy knit. The colors are lovely - heathered soft shades with a halo of fuzz.

I just loved knitting with it. It's a keeper, and I am so glad that there's such an incredible pattern booklet to go along with it! The Lima Collection has 15 beautiful designs for women AND men. That's right, there are some great men's sweaters in this booklet.

My favorites are the Brea sweater:

the Sean Wrap:

the Deirdre sweater:

and for men, the Nathan sweater:

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ladysaphira said...

Wow, thanks for showing those patterns! I recently stumbled across many many skeins of aarlan swa laine which is (discontinued) the same yardage and construction, and I've been wondering what to do with it all...