Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy, busy summer knitting visits!

I just want to share some of our summer shop fun with our blog readers. So many customers visit us during the summer months and many of them drive great distances to stop by the shop (or Vermont). It's such a wonderful feeling to meet and connect with other knitters.

Excitement abounds each time someone walks through our door; it is such fun for all of us here to share new and exciting yarns, patterns, and accessories with other knitters. Sometimes our visitors get into the act themselves, introducing themselves to eachother and helping others discover just the prefect button or perfect color combination for their new project.

It is even more amazing when folks bring their finished projects in with them to show us the gorgeous, lovely, whimsical, and colorful things that they have created with such careful and attentive energy.

It provides so much inspiration to the people who are in the shop to see finished projects and learn new ways of combining techniques, fibers, or colors. I hope we continue to see many more finished pieces as it really is such a joy - we love to take photos and always ask if we can share with other knitters.

Here's a great example! Jenny B. stopped in the other day with her Cambria sweater (designed by Rick Mondragon in Knitter's magazine, Summer 2009.) She had been in earlier to find yarn for it, and we substituted Cascade 220 and Colinette Cadenza. Check it out!
She's made great progress and it will be done in time for the cooler weather.

Stop by for a few minutes with your latest project so we can see what you're up to.

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