Friday, May 01, 2009

We have some AMAZING customers (but we already knew that!)

When I left for vacation we had about 40 blanket squares that had been brought in to the shop. Apparently, they have been POURING in since then. We extended the deadline to the end of April (yesterday) but people have still been calling and asking when the ABSOLUTE deadline in. The answer is... by mid May.

That's when we are going to schedule our seaming dates, so we really need squares to be in by then. We will most likely have to see if we can use the space in the Brownell Library, since our classroom just isn't going to be big enough. A lot of people want to help with the seaming, and we will be offering several dates & times so everyone who wants to help, can help.

Today we had a group of women from UVM come to deliver their squares. These women work in several different departments at UVM, and get together to knit in smaller groups at lunchtime, and on Wednesdays they meet in a larger group. They brought us 35 gorgeous blanket squares that were knitted by different members of their UVM knitting group. So a big thanks goes out to EVERYONE from the UVM knitting group! They all did a great job, and we were so appreciative!

When I took their lovely squares upstairs to add them in with the rest, I noticed that the 40 squares we'd HAD, had blossomed into more than 100 and when I added the UVM squares, we now have over 150 squares!

Folks, this is simply amazing! We are SO thrilled to have this many squares. It takes 42 squares to make a twin sized blanket, so that means we have enough for 3.5 blankets right now! We just want to let you ALL know that we are so thankful to have such generous and caring customers. You guys rock!

This is a portion of the squares:
And here's the box of the first 40:
We have emails and phone numbers and we will be contacting all of you in mid May once we've determined some times/dates for seaming. It will be fun to get together and meet other knitters, and all have a huge part in this project.

And we'll also be giving out some fun prizes at the end of May, too. Now that we see how MANY people have contributed time and effort to this project, I'm going to start addint to the pile of prizes. Oooooh, won't that be fun!?

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zachmansgrammy said...

WOW! That's terrific! Extending the time seems to really have been worth it! I'll be there tomorrow... can't wait to touch the yarn!