Monday, May 18, 2009

Seaming starts tonight, 5-7pm

It rained (poured!) most of Saturday, and so even though I really needed - and wanted - to be out in the garden, and out in the woods helping to build a "fort" for the girls, I was forced inside. I made some serious progress de-cluttering my house... or at least the first floor of my house. (The girls' bedrooms could just put me over the edge, so I'm not ready to go there quite yet.)

I went through every shelf and every surface in the downstairs rooms and pared down. What took me the longest was the many knitting bags full of WIPs (I think there were 12, no lie.) Some projects were so old, that I just had to let them go. American Girl Doll sweaters that were half finished, uncompleted project ideas for the kids' after school knitting program, balls of yarn in every color and texture and weight, notepads full of chicken scratch (my own) that must have been important at one time. It was a mess. I am happy to say that where there was once a huge pile of knitting bags next to and behind my knitting chair, there is now only wood floor. I found a better home for everything, and at least for the moment, it is organized.

Because that didn't take me ALL day, I had some time to sit down, listen to the rain and knit. I pulled out my Pure Pima project, and made a lot of progress. The back had been done, but I finished the fronts and one sleeve, and then last night I got started on the second. When I started this sweater, the edge pattern made me a little crazy. I had a hard time with it, but I've since realized that it's actually got nothing to do with the difficulty of the pattern (it's quite easy.) I was watching a few episodes of Lost when I started this sweater and kept messing up. If you are a Lost fan, you know that watching Lost while working on something that requires concentration isn't that easy.

Tonight is our first group seaming event for the charity blankets - 5pm-7pm at the shop. Come on in!
Here's a shot of Joy - who knit 42 squares! She drove up from NH last two weekends ago to deliver them and they are beautiful. Thanks Joy, what an amazing donation!

And one of our good customers and friends, Kali, came in last week, took ALL of the squares to her house, and spent a huge amount of time arranging them into 5 blankets - 3 twins and 2 doubles. Now she didn't seam them (that's for all of us to do!) but she arranged them by color - so now we have GRIDS so we know where everything goes. Not only did she map things out on graph paper, but she labeled each and every square, so we have NO EXCUSES for getting confused. What a huge time committment this was, and we are all so appreciative Kali!

In the meantime, more squares have arrived! I think we have another 15-20, and i know more are going to be delivered in June. No worries! We can just make another one, right?

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