Thursday, May 21, 2009

1-2-3, Completed!

I am feeling a sense of accomplishment in several ways today. Isn't that how you should feel when something you've been working on has been completed? And I have several completions to mention...
First up, the adorable Jessica sweater in Berroco Pure Pima that I started in Florida on my spring vacation. I finished it last night and then sewed on the buttons this morning. This would be a sweet little gift for any little baby girl. The pattern is in the Nashua Handknits Sprout booklet.Excuse the strange colorations in the picture, I didn't need to block the entire sweater, so only certain parts are wet. By tomorrow it will be dry and in the shop.

Earlier this week, we added two new shop samples to the mix, featuring Berroco yarns. Barb knit the Amherst Sweater out of Berroco Cuzco in the color: Ginseng. This is a super popular pattern from Dolce Handknits. It's easy and quick, and customers have been raving about this pattern. Now they can see it knit up!

And Karen finished up the Nimbus Sweater, in Berroco Peruvia Quick. This is an ADORABLE little cropped sweater with a fun shawl neck. I love the color we chose - Bing Cherry - and folks, it's a FREE PATTERN on the Berroco website! It was featured in their KnitBits newsletter a while back, and it's SO good that we couldn't pass it up. Check out our sweater, and link directly to the free pattern from our site.

And finally, the best completion of ALL. If you've noticed that I've been a little quiet in the past few months, well, here's the reason. Three months ago we started the process of migrating our website to a new provider. This was a HUGE undertaking, and was the number one priority for me - day in and day out. My days were full of maxxing out spreadsheets, editing and resizing images, re-classifying data, creating skus, etc. Because of this switch, we had to install 3 brand new major softwares here at Kaleidoscope Yarns. With apologies to my staff (and myself!) for having to learn three new software systems, pretty much simultaneously... but hey! We all lived through it, and things are awesome!

Our new site started to launch on Tuesday of this week, and by that evening almost all of our customers in the US and abroad were seeing the new version. Check it out! You won't notice any major design changes - the folks we surveyed were actually thrilled with our design and didn't want that to change. But we do have a lot of nifty new features that I'll be posting about here and in our e-mail newsletters over the next week or so.

So, with this HUGE project now completed, I guess it's time to get back to regularly scheduled programming blog entries!

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Lisa said...

I love your new site! It is so much faster, too. Thanks for being my #1!