Sunday, May 31, 2009

Swatching away

New Berroco fall 2009 yarns arrived late last week and so one by one, I've been swatching!

I've only swatched the Vintage Wool and Blackstone Tweed so far - last night my eyes were closed by 9pm so there wasn't any knitting for me! After hyperventilating with excitement about the Vintage Wool last week, I have to say my breathing is still a bit uneven! I swatched it, and it DID NOT disappoint! It is gorgeous in stockinette stitch and shows stitch detail beautifully. So smooth going through the fingers, and the finished swatches are lovely.

I'm not a fan of acrylic at all, but there are some yarns that have a lot of acrylic in them, that have a "good" acrylic feel. Like Plymouth Dreambaby DK, and all of the Berroco Comfort yarns, from Sock to Baby to DK to Worsted to Chunky. These yarns are wonderfully soft and washable, and so is Vintage Wool. Super soft, easy care, quality product. You'll see!

The Blackstone Tweed was also a treat to knit with! I knew I'd love this yarn, and I was right. It's a blend of wool, superkid mohair and angora rabbit hair. I'm not fond of mohair, but superkid doesn't bother me at all. I've always loved yarns like Kid Silk Haze, Douceur et Soie and Kid Seta (these are on sale BTW!) and so I knew this "ingredient" in Blackstone Tweed wouldn't be a problem at all! And the pattern booklet for this yarn is really great! There are quite a few sweaters in it (Nuss, Nonpareil & Napolean!) that I'm going to want this fall.
Speaking of patterns, the Berroco books are due in 2-3 weeks, and they are all online for you to see! We've started taking pre-orders, and we'll be shipping them out the day they arrive.

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